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Our lovely guild library is free for all members. We have hundreds of books to choose from. During the summer & fall, our librarians purchase a new books.

If you are new to quilting, reading quilt books is an excellent way to learn new techniques. If you have been quilting a long time, pick up a book and learn the newest colour and design trends!

Stay tuned as we are in the process of buying more books.  Let us know if you are interested in any particular book or subject.  We will do our best to order these items for the library. Your input is very important to us.

At each meeting we have a print out of our library books. You can search by Author, Title and Category. You are welcome to browse through these pages or we can help you.

To give you time to look for books your library is open and ready @ 6.30pm at each meeting.

We look forward seeing you at the library.



Library books are available to MEMBERS ONLY for the period of one month (guild meeting to guild meeting)

A book can be extended for another month if you are not finished with it. Renew it at the next guild meeting or let the librarian know by emailing if you are unable to attend the next meeting.

Fines are a “LOONIE” per month

Sign out your books before taking it / them away from the library table. Write the next month and year in due back space, your name and your phone number. If at the end of the meeting you decide not to take it / them home, just return it / them to the library’s drop-off bucket.

Please pick up a bookmark with the date of the next meeting stamped on so you will remember when the books are due back.

A “Suggestion” and “Reservation” book lists are located by the sign-out table, please give the librarians your input. Putting your name and date of suggestion will help direct the book to you when it has been purchased, or for reserved books, when it has been returned to the library.

Only the year 2005 or newer books will be accepted for donation. Please sign the inside cover with your name and the date donated. These books are always gratefully received

Any books or magazines donated from the year 2005 or before will probably be sold at our annual book sale or the Quilt show. PLEASE use discretion with your donations.







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